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Moose Safari:

Moose safari experience
Experience living in a moose country

Moose safari experience:

Lars Gabrielsson 

Join us for a genuine Scandinavian adventure and meet the king of the forest, the mighty moose. Our experienced guide Marcus Jonson will take you on an unforgettable journey through the dense forests of Bergslagen, a region known for its many little lakes, evergreen woods and amazing wildlife.

Bergslagen is the region where you are most likely to encounter wild moose in its natural habitat. During the tour you will get the chance to visit a moose own home ground, a perfect environment to learn more about moose and the other inhabitants of the forest in a practical way. Marcus shares his knowledge of moose tracking and we search for hoof prints, fresh droppings and bite marks. He also shows different ways of communicating with moose, of which some have been used by hunters in the region for thousands of years.

As the night falls the forest is brought to life and moose awake from their daytime slumber to feed. This means prime time for moose watching in the glades and meadows. After years of experience in the field Marcus knows the animals´ natural movements in the surrounding terrain. He leads you to walk the most visited animal paths to get to the nightly feeding grounds. Suddenly there is a crack! Was that a moose..? The hike continues through the woods where dark shadows reaches for us and creatures hide just an armlength away. And suddenly, a huge silhouette appears in the glade... it´s the king of the forest!

The base camp, Kolarbyn, is a sweet collection of genuine forest huts beautifully located by the shore of lake Skarsjon. Kolarbyn is Swedens most primitive hostel where you leave the modern world and comforts behind and live in harmony with nature for a while. We cut our own fire wood for the evening´s bonfire and prepare a wilderness dinner together in the open. The ingredients for the dinner is inspired by the moose´s own foods, with many of the ingredients collected from the forest. We also blend our own lingonberry drink with water from the forest well.

After a full evening in the open and a late night sharing stories by the fire place we deserve a good nights sleep. We accommodate in the huts just like forest workers have in Bergslagen for centuries. In the morning we are treated with a steady breakfast and singing birds. Feel free to have a refreshing plunge in the lake before we head back to civilization enriched by our new experiences.

Booking calendar for 2008
Length/times: 2 days / 1 night. Starts afternoon day 1, ends after breakfast day 2.
Participants: Maximum 8 participants
Included in price: Moose watching at night, guided forest hiking, moose tracking, learn how to call for moose, wilderness dinner, lodging in forest hut, breakfast and sauna bathing with morning plunge in the lake.
Accommodation: Berth in forest hut.
Information: Recommended minimum age 15 years. We recommend you to bring camera, binoculars, hiking boots, weather-resistant clothing and water bottle.
Price: Euros 330 / USD 475 per person on twin sharing basis for 2 days / 1 night stay + transfers from Stockholm + meals + sauna bathing 
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